Wonder Woman and Injustice

Unlike what the title might suggest, I’m not actually talking about any unfair or outrageous actions that might have cropped up in DC’s latest movie to date, Wonder Woman. It was a pretty good flick all things considered, and especially if we’re considering the line of not so great films that DC has pushed out prior to this one. They’ve been due for a well-received movie for quite some time now, so even though I’m definitely a Marvel fan through and through (Spidey!), I say good on ’em. Nah, the only injustice that I might bother mentioning in regard to Wonder Woman is how ridiculously attractive Gal Gadot is throughout that film. Man, now that’s just unfair to the rest of the human race, how good she looks.

But what I really wanted to talk about is how that movie made me want to go back to the fighting game Injustice by NetherRealm, the developers of the fighting game series Mortal Kombat, amongst others. Not to mention, Injustice 2 came out recently as well, and that game looks sweet! Now, I’m really no good at fighting games at all; I didn’t pay much attention to the fighting genre until Injustice rolled around and my love of superheroes and videogames took over. And to date, I still suck at fighting games, but I hold a lot of respect for both those who are good at said genre and those who love it. I mean, fighting games are just so intense, and so intimate. They’re very technical games featuring a one on one fight between two competitors and nothing else, and they require a lot of skill. Not that other games don’t, but I feel like fighting games demand a lot out of you. Just for starters, you need tight prowess and fine mastery of moves and controls, along with knowledge not only of your character, but also your opponent’s character, in order for you to emerge as a true victor. That can’t be said for some other games.

Injustice - Wonder Woman Intro

So, I popped the Injustice disc in and pulled up some practice sessions with Green Arrow (cuz he’s my fave, I’m just a sucker for some bow and arrow action, plus he’s like a Batman that actually cracks jokes on occasion) and practiced against a dummy Bats, like they’re sparring partners! I just worked on some of his combos that I sort of half know, really gotta get those button presses and timing down, and then I shut the game off and ate lunch. Yeah, I didn’t actually get around to playing as Wonder Woman fighting against (slight spoiler for Wonder Woman? I mean, it’s mentioned within like, the first 15 minutes of the movie, but I know some people are sensitive to this kind of thing, so I figure a warning doesn’t hurt) Ares, since I’m too much of wuss to pit myself against the AI and probably suffer a loss, especially since I really don’t know any combos for Wonder Woman, but hey, I think I’ll probably get around to practicing and playing Wonder Woman soon, maybe today. Hell, maybe I’ll even blog about that. Probably won’t though. I mean, what would there even be to say there? Oh, I played and I won. Or I played and I lost. Yeah, that’s a great story. Anyways, ’til next time!

Injustice - Ares Intro