So Here’s the Thing

I’m admittedly a little bit outdated on the gaming front. But, before you leave in complete disgust and outrage, please allow me to explain a little. I constantly keep up with new games purely out of interest, mostly through let’s plays and news updates. However, I am still not even in possession of a next generation console, such as a PS4 or Xbox One. No, I’m still rolling with my PS3 slim, but it’s keeping me busy, complacent, and plenty entertained. I mean, there’s so many games that I haven’t even touched yet but would love to get my hands on. And since I’m one of those 100% completionist fools, the lifetime of just one game is pretty expansive for me. Well, that’s my defense and explanation for why I’m mostly going to be posting about old, fairly outdated games, but I do think there is still some strength and value to the focus on old games. Not only are said games still valid, I’m also discovering new things about them all the time and really learning them to their fullest, which keeps things refreshing for me regardless of when the game came out. That being said, I probably should look into getting a PS4 with some more modern games, but that time will come when it does. Well, without further ado, I’ll finally start to talk about some games I’ve been messing with lately.